Creating and Posting on Facebook

from £55 per month - 3 posts per week

Do you know what you want to post but struggle to find the time to stay on top of your Facebook posting? Do you spend ages looking for beautiful photos to accompany your posts? Let me do that for you. 


Setting up your Mailing list and Template - £100

If you already have a list of contacts in a .CSV format or have no more than 50 contacts in any format, I can design your template and set up your newsletter ready to go in Mailerlite, Mailchimp or a mailing app of your choice. If you have more than 50 contacts that you would like me to enter into a mailing app for you, I can do that for you at my hourly rate of £30.

Creating and Sending a Monthly Newsletter (own content) - £50

If you have your own content but would like help to transfer it into your newsletter format, I can do that for you.

Creating and Sending a Monthly Newsletter (incl. content) - £100

If you would like me to research and write your newsletter content, find photographs and recipes, I can do that for you.

Writing your Blog Posts

from £50 (up to 500 words)

It can be daunting to have to come up with ideas for blog posts regularly, and it is time-consuming to actually write the posts. Let me do that for you. I have years of experience of personal and business blogging and have taken a business blogging course with a professional writer - just in case I had missed a trick. As a translator, I have to have a way with words, and my linguistics degree has given me the knowledge I need in grammar, spelling, semantics and text structure in both English and my native German.

Won’t your readers notice that it isn’t you who wrote the blog? If you would like me to write for you, we’ll have a chat, so I understand what is important to you: do you want it to be technical or accessible to all? Do you want to come across as formal or informal? Do you want your blog to focus on your speciality in nutrition only or would you prefer to cover a wide range of health topics? Your blog will look exactly as you want it, just as if you had written it yourself.

Set you up on Practice Better


I will set up your Services (the appointment types you offer) and Packages, create 3 basic Protocol Templates, create templates for your 5 favourite supplements and take a 1-hour Zoom session to show you around and walk you through the main functions of Practice Better.

Time Package

If you can think of a number of things you would like my help with and expect them to vary, why not buy a time package and use it as required?

10-hour Pack (valid for 8 weeks) - £280

10-hour monthly Retainer - £270 per month

20-hour monthly Retainer - £500 per month