Are you a Nutrition Practitioner or
Functional Medicine Doctor who needs a hand?

I know as a nutritional therapist I could have done with an extra pair of hands! It’s hard to run a busy practice and find the time to do everything that needs doing. You trained to be a nutritional therapist and want to help as many clients as possible - but you find that now that you own a business you are also an accountant, an IT consultant, a marketing expert and a PA.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hand some of those jobs over to a Virtual Assistant? But will they understand how your business works? Could you ask them to write your blog posts or social media content if they are not trained in nutrition? Will they be able to help you find references and dig up research? Can they help you write and structure your talks in a way that makes sense - apart from making your slides look good?

Well that’s where I come in. I am a fully qualified nutritional therapist with years of clinical experience. I can help!


What can I do for you?

  • Create and post your Facebook content

  • Write and/or proofread and post your blog posts

  • Set up your mailing list and create your newsletter template

  • Create and send your regular newsletter for you

  • Moderate your Facebook groups

  • Transform your talk content into sleek and professional presentations

  • Find references for you

  • Update, proofread, and/or reformat your older written materials

  • Write, proofread and/or format your handouts

  • Split or merge PDFs

  • Help you become GDPR-compliant

  • Check drug-nutrient interactions for you

  • Transcribe your audio (dictation, podcasts, video)

  • Translate your materials into German.