Charged by the Hour

£30 per hour


Blogs - Newsletter Content - Handouts - Power Points - Flyers - Posters - Website Copy - Letters to Doctors

Nobody’s perfect and it is extremely difficult to proofread your own work - even professional proofreaders get a colleague to check theirs.

As part of my former job as senior admin officer in the Language Section of an International Financial Institution, I was trained in proofreading and used it to proofread the work of our translators. As a translator myself, I have to have a way with words, and my linguistics degree has given me the knowledge I need in grammar, spelling, semantics and text structure in both English and my native German. As I am also a nutritional therapist, I can also spot errors and outdated information concerning the subject matter.


Word Documents - Power Point Slides

As a trained PA with 30 years’ experience, I know my way around Microsoft Office. If you struggle to make your existing handouts or Power Points look professional, I’m your woman.

Updating Content

Handouts - E-Books - etc.

Do you sometimes come across your older handouts that you haven’t used in a while and find that they are no longer up-to-date? Is the youngest reference on there from 2004? Has - as so often happens in nutrition science - new research shown that what you advised then is not appropriate anymore? Do you lack the time to go over your handout collection and just want it done? Then let me do that for you. I’m good at that.

Power Point Presentations

Creating Professional Presentations from Your Content

You have written your talk for a corporate health day, a conference or a promotional event, but have now been asked to present it in a PowerPoint format. Time is in short supply and you wish someone would create those slides for you? Look no further, let me help you with that.

Writing and Creating Professional Presentations

During my years in clinical practice, I have given many talks, from 10-minute networking presentations to 3-hour workshops. If public speaking and talk writing are still a new area for you, if you would like guidance on how to structure and deliver your nutrition knowledge, or if you are simply too busy to get this done within the deadline, let me help you. Tell me what the subject is going to be, who your audience is and how much time you have - I’ll do the rest.


An exciting new study in your area of expertise was just introduced on the radio - but as usual they didn’t quote the reference. A news headline makes an outrageous claim about 'new research’ and your clients are asking you about it - needless to say, they didn’t quote the reference. You regret not having fully referenced that handout that you now need to send to a doctor. Finding references is time consuming, so let me do that for you.

Researching Drug-Nutrient Interactions

With polypharmacy so common these days, this has become one of the most time-consuming jobs. Let me help you with that.

Split or Merge PDFs

You have a collection of gluten-free baking recipes for your client, but would rather send them in one tidy PDF than as 15 separate Word files with 3 PDFs thrown in. Perhaps you worry about forgetting one of the many forms you need to send to a new client: the questionnaire, the food diary, the privacy notice, the terms of engagement, the terms of business … if only you could bunch them all up in one PDF! I can.

Or you have an e-Book in PDF format and would like to present the different chapters to your clients one by one. You just need to detach a page from a long document. I can split PDFs for you.

Set you up to be GDPR-compliant

This does not mean legal advice - I am not a lawyer or in any way qualified for that - but I can help with the technical side of it. So, I won’t tell you what to do, but I can set up the practical side for you. In 2018, BANT sent a series of 10 eBlasts on the subject and what it means for nutritional therapists, which members can still access here.